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Paper Minecraft

It’s a pity to skip Paper Minecraft, dear all Minecraft addicts! Time to enjoy another adventure with Steve in this wonderful land! Come here!

The ultimate goal for players to fulfill is to protect Steve from many potential threats in the longest time. At first, guide him to wander around different areas for mining and gathering materials (rocks, sand, stones, wood, etc.). Thanks to such the resources, it’s possible for the main character to build his shelter and fortress. Furthermore, decorating your residence by colorful items is also encouraged. To accentuate the beauty of the house, you’re also able to grow trees, flowers, and grasses. Steve’s health condition can be remarkably improved by hunting sheep.

How awesome it is! Quickly crush down your hesitancy and enter Paper Minecraft right away! Much fun!

How to play

The mouse: Build and mine (blocks).
The arrow keys: Travel around.

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