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Mine Upgrade

Hello, every Minecraft buddy! Let us inspire your mind with a new idle click game, called Mine Upgrade, and we believe that the game catches your attention for sure! What to perform here? Tap the “Play” button and dig deep into everything immediately!

The in-game tasks are really easy to handle! They include collecting minerals and selling them to the market with the aim of increasing your bank! It does feature multiple rock and material types, e.g. emerald, ruby, coal, platinum, gold, rock, and so on. Like its idle clicker origins, what you must do is to create non-stop clicks on these resources for money. Then, the fund should be spent on more advanced upgrades, which help to promote the process of mining. Find something unnecessary? Just sell it!

Got it? Have an access to Mine Upgrade, mine your way through forceful minerals, and idle your own way to the top.

How to play

Only the left click is used to control the game.

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