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Mine Blocks 1.26.5

Welcome all Minecraft fans to Mine Blocks 1.26.5! Have you ever contemplated splendid buildings around your city with an admiring look and desired that you would create a world full of such the imposing ones? Let the new version of Mine Blocks series fulfill this intention. Go now!

Setting up any structure requires more than only 1 step. At first, please roam around deserts, hills, forests, fields, and other terrains to earn & assemble all crucial resources. They are then automatically saved in the storage. Second, your job is to merely drag the most suitable items out the Inventory and then begin placing them on the ground for the building period. The last step revolves around crafting a few weapons and tools, such as hammers, torches, axes, and more to cheer this process up. Ah, it’s also better to unearth everything valuable underground.

Nimbly partake in Mine Blocks 1.26.5 to build your own world! Here we come!

How to play

The left mouse: Mine blocks.
Combine the Shift key with the left mouse: Place blocks.
ASDW/arrow keys: Step around.

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